Does your business or property smell of smoke? Are you still wondering how you are going to get rid of the smell?

Our fumigation process can be accomplished overnight, leaving your property smelling clean and fresh, with no residue.

Odor molecules permeate walls, soft contents, clothing, carpet and all the nooks and crannies where it can be impossible to reach. Conventional cleaning methods only reach the surface, while our fumigation process penetrates surfaces and fibers oxidizing the odor at its source.

Have you held a burnt piece of wood and wondered why it did not smell of smoke? Oxidation. The molecules that caused the odor have been oxidized under normal conditions. Our process is a 1000 times more powerful.

We provide a shock treatment of over 1,000ppm (parts per million) which quickly neutralizes the smoke odor and then settles into the soft contents* fibers effectively work its magic.

Long known as an efficient means of eliminating odor, chlorine dioxide is the preferred method of oxidation, which eliminates smoke odors. This is not a masking agent.

* Because the gas dissipates more slowly from soft contents there may be a residual chlorine odor.

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