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Mold Removal is as much an art as it is a science. While the activities are the same, each project is unique. with its own physical configurations and constraints. We evaluate these features to come up with the best Mold Remediation solution for the least amount of money.  Richard Wolf, CEO, Mold Remedies

Our customers rely on us to use safe green, natural products when eliminating mold contamination and other environmental conditions. We return their indoor air quality and living environment to a safe and healthy condition.

Lean, Green and Mean

Lean – Using BioCure 500 (biocide) we can complete projects in 72 hours instead of 5 to 7 days saving you time and money.

Green – Green and Natural products are used throughout our process. Our encapsulate is pigmented shellac which is made from a nut and BioCure 500 which is a gas in its natural state dissipating into the air leaving behind no residue, VOC’s or carcinogenic compounds.

Mean – The chemical properties in BioCure 500 are the most effective at attacking and eliminating mold, viruses and bacteria.

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