Mold Inspections: IEAQS

areas-of-mold-01-390x260A Mold Inspection (IEAQS) is an indoor environmental survey of living and non living areas. This survey identifies mold contamination issues, readily accessible contributing environmental factors, and an opinion as to cause with  recommendations for correction.

Used for Real Estate BUY SELL transactions; occupants that have a compromised immune system, respiratory issues such as Asthma or mold allergies; rashes or skin disorders; Landlord/Tenant concerns, preclearance of properties or for general information, etc.

Areas – All Living and Non-Living Areas (Attic, Garage, Crawlspace, Basement).


Visual survey and evaluation of the properties existing conditions

Temperature, Humidity and Moisture readings inside and outside the property.

Visual Attic Survey

Visual Crawlspace Survey

An IEAQS Report providing; property health, causation issues and remediation recommendations.

Sampling Methodology and Analysis

Laboratory Results

Samples Required: A combination of the following types of samples maybe required during the inspection:

Air sample – Ambient air within the Living Areas, each sample satisfies about 500-700sqft, depending on configuration.

Wall check sampling – this sample specifically samples the air within wall and floor cavities to identify the mold within the wall cavity.

Surface sampling – used in areas where physical discoloration exists to determine if mold is present and identify the genus type. May consist of one or a combination of the following; tape lift, bulk, swab, sponge, etc.

Additional Inspection Services:

Non-destructive activities utilizing the latest technology, such as infrared and ultrasound, allowing us to track and identify difficult environmental causation issues

Destructive activities to physically expose areas for detailed evaluation and causation issues.

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