Environmental Inspections

healthy home 02Mold is not the only concern in environmental health and air quality issue which we evaluate that affects your living environment. There are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), allergens, mycotoxins,chemicals and gases these and more effect your environment, which may need to be identified.

Mold Remedies has been providing environmental evaluations and services to Homeowners, Realtors,Educational Facilities, Medical Facilities and Government Facilities for over two decades. We are licensed by the State of California and Certified by the IICRC and IAQA.

We bring a level of expertise to your evaluation that is unsurpassed in the industry. Richard Wolf our CEO is a Graduate Architect, Licensed Contractor, and Certified in Mold, Lead and Clean Room environmental inspecting.

We succeed where others fail. Rely on us to evaluate environmental conditions which affect your indoor air quality and health!

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    • Mold Inspection

      Mold Inspection

      This survey will identify if a mold contamination issue exists, causation issues will be identified and recommendations for remediation provided. This is a very cost effective evaluation and report.

    • Environmental Inspections

      Environmental Inspections

      A indoor environmental survey of Living and Non Living Areas providing a definitive approach to identifying Mold and other environmental issues.

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