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Drinking Water: Total Coliform

Beginning April 1, 2016, the Federal Revised Total Coliform Rule (rTCR) will become effective. The revisions include the new Coliform Treatment Technique requirement replacing the Total Coliform MCL, and a new E.coli MCL regulatory limit. The Revised Total Coliform Rule establishes a “Find-and-fix” approach for investigating and correcting causes of coliform problems within water distribution systems. California will be revising its version of the Total Coliform Rule in Title 22; however, the draft regulations will not be adopted in time to correspond with the Federal rule requirements. Beginning April 1, 2016, all public water systems will need to comply with California’s existing Total Coliform Rule and the new requirements in the federal rTCR, until California can complete the regulatory adoption process for the rTCR.
Under the headings below, you will find guidance and forms to help comply with California’s current TCR and the new federal RTCR during this interim period. A two-page summary table of both rules is also provided at the link below to help illustrate how compliance with the current TCR and the federal rTCR can be achieved. This webpage will be updated with news on California’s rTCR regulation adoption process as it is available.


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