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Identifying household pests

There are only a few insects, spiders, and mites that are normally found inside homes. These are the so-called household pests. Certain ants, beetles,true bugs, cockroaches, flies, mites, silverfish, and springtails (collembola) are the most commonly reported.

Household pests differ by region – what’s common in one area may not be so common in another region of the country – but the following pests represent the vast majority of questions we get through our bug id service.



  • Ants. There are several different small, usually brown ants that invade homes looking for food and water. They are often encountered first in the kitchen but can be found in any room. These are the nuisance ants and the best approach to nuisance ant control is baits.
  • Cockroaches. Not as common as ants but in warm climates they can become a major pest. Here again use baits plus attention to sanitation for long lasting cockroach control.


  • Bed bugs. Not common but the media has focused a lot of attention on these biting pests. Don’t panic! Bed bugs can be controlled by following a few simple steps, see bed bug control.
  • Carpet beetles. Small, slow moving beetles. Infest stored foods like dry pet food. Eliminating the infested source food is the best approach to carpet beetle control.



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